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Lyle Foster: (204)771-8467
Ryan Hendren: (204)226-8900


Properties available and/or under construction:

30 James Way - Display Home

1 Rosewood Way

19 Rosewood SOLD

24 Rosewood Way SOLD

37 Beverly Bay 


Available Lots (Civic Address):

Rosewood Way

17, 22, 26

Beverly Bay

3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 39, 41, 43

More more information, please call:

Lyle Foster: (204)771-8467

Foster Built Homes 007 Ltd

Custom Homes

Hand crafted by some of the most talented trades people in the industry, most of whom have been the backbone and driving force since the company’s inception. Don’t take our word for it come see for  yourself. 







Foster Built Homes 007 Ltd. is Springfield’s largest supplier of 50 plus single dwelling condos to date. The west side of Oakbank is the present site of the most recent 33 unit project.